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Nowadays, it can be difficult to figure out the size of luggage you are allowed when you fly. Baggage allowances are constantly changing and getting smaller in size.

With help from Airlines and other travel agents, we have put together a short information from the top airlines operating from the UK with links to their websites where you can confirm their baggage information.

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Recently, a recent safety measure has been introduced restricting the weight of each single item of luggage to 32kg. Although 32kg is not your full baggage allowance, it is just a measure to reduce strains with baggage handling.

Here are some information from some major airlines, click the Airline to go to their website :

Aer Lingus Hold baggage allowance is generally two bags weighing a maximum of 20kg (short haul) or 36kg (long haul) for Aer Lingus flights. There is a fee payable for short haul economy flights, at a discounted rate if booked online in advance. Cabin baggage is limited to one piece per passenger, weighing less than 6kg.

Air France Free hand and hold allowances are measured by weight or number of items, according to destination and class of travel. The Air France website features a free allowance calculator. If you need to buy additional baggage allowance, book in advance online and save up to 30 per cent on the usual airport fee.

Alitalia The free baggage allowance limit is based on weight (ranging from 20kg to 32kg) and number of bags depending on route and ticket class. If flying from London Heathrow, only one piece of hand luggage is permitted. On other Alitalia flights one piece of hand luggage plus a laptop-sized item is allowed.

American Airlines American Airlines passengers are permitted one carry-on bag and two pieces of hold baggage, maximum 23kg or 32kg depending on route, all free of charge.

bmi There are various free hand and hold baggage allowances in place for bmi passengers, depending on route and fare type.

British Airways British Airways passengers are permitted one standard-sized bag and one laptop-sized bag, handbag or briefcase as free hand luggage. There is a free hold baggage allowance on every BA flight of 23kg.

Cyprus Airways Cyprus Airways has a 20kg free allowance of checked baggage for passengers travelling in economy class and 30 kg for passengers travelling in business class. The free hand luggage allowance is one piece weighing 5 kg maximum plus an additional item such as duty free or a handbag, all with size restrictions.

easyJet easyJet passengers are allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage plus an additional accessory such as a laptop or handbag for free. Every item of standard checked hold baggage incurs a fee, payable at the time of booking or at the airport for a higher charge. Total hold baggage allowance is 20kg per person.

Emirates Emirates offers a baggage allowance calculator online as allowances vary depending on route, class of travel and Skywards membership tier.

FlyBe FlyBe has varying weight and size restrictions for hand and hold luggage, depending on class of travel.

Jet2 Passengers flying with Jet2 are permitted one small piece of hand baggage of not more than 10kg with size restrictions. This is free when checking in online, however there will be a charge of £2 if travelling with hand baggage only and checking in at the airport.

Hold baggage allowance is 22kg per person with a fee payable and a limit of five bags per person.

Lufthansa Lufthansa’s hold baggage allowances range from 20kg to 40kg or number of bags depending on destination and class of travel, and are free of charge.

Monarch Monarch allows up to 10kg of hand baggage free of charge. Total hold baggage allowance is up to 20kg per person (up to 30kg for Vantage Club Silver & Gold members) which can be split into up to five separate bags. There is a fee payable for all hold baggage, with savings of up to 40 per cent available if paying online.

Olympic Airlines One item of baggage with a maximum weight of 8kg is allowed as free cabin baggage. Olympic Airlines’ free hold baggage allowance ranges from 15kg to 32kg depending on route and class of travel.

Qantas Qantas has a very complex baggage allowance system based upon class of travel and route. For those travelling in economy on a domestic or international flight there is now a maximum free hold baggage allowance of up to 23kg (50lb).

Ryanair Every passenger is permitted to check in up to three bags with a maximum combined weight of 15kg, subject to the payment of the applicable checked baggage fees. Ryanair offers a discounted checked baggage fee for those travellers paying online in advance. Passengers who wish to check-in baggage do not qualify for online check-in and must check in at the airport and pay the appropriate airport check-in fee.

Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines has a complex baggage allowance policy, with varying restrictions on weight and number of bags based upon class of ticket and route.

Thomson Airways Thomson Airways offers a free hand luggage allowance of up to 10kg. Each passenger who has opted to pay for check-in luggage has a 20kg and five item limit on checked-in luggage. Customers can save 50 per cent when paying in advance on the Thomson website, compared to paying at the airport or through the call centre.

Turkish Airlines Free baggage allowance ranges from 20kg for short haul economy passenger to 32kg for long haul passengers. One carry-on bag is permitted weighing no more than 8kg on Turkish Airlines flights.

Virgin Various free hold baggage allowances are in place, ranging from 23kg to 32kg per person with size restrictions and limits on the number of bags, depending on class of ticket and route. Virgin’s free hand baggage allowances depend on ticket class, with the upper class allowance double that of economy and premium economy.

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